• When selecting classes on the BLUE (7th) or YELLOW  (8th) course selection card, please follow these guidelines:

    7th Grade:

    Please number each elective by preference. It can be tempting to only number your top 5 choices, but sometimes your top 5 choices do not fit in your schedule (given your core classes, band, etc.). By numbering all electives, your counselor can appropriately schedule you according to all your preferences. The counselors cannot guarantee that you will get your top choices. There will be opportunity to request a different elective after the start of school. The counselors wish for everyone to be happy with their elective courses, so please be patient with the process!

    8th Grade:

    First, cross out all electives you took in 7th grade. You cannot take an elective more than once. After this, number all remaining electives by preference. If you haven’t already had a chance to take your top choice elective, chances are – this will be your year! Make sure to communicate your interests to the counselors with the schedule change procedure!